"I mean, what’s thoughtful is everything you do. Here, you know what? Look at this. Look, here’s the, the plane ticket you bought me when I was too poor to go home for the holidays. And the rose you left on my windshield just because. Here’s the, the thank you letter you wrote me after the first time I slept with you. All 11 pages of it."

"I can’t believe you saved all this stuff."

"Of course I did. It’s you.”

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I can’t understand people who go through the cow tag to “look at beautiful cows” and complain when they find vegan posts.

I wonder if it would work the same with other animals. Imagine someone who supports dog fighting comes to the dog tag and goes “I just…

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Merida hangs out with the other Disney Princes!

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I don’t have time for people who thinks it’s okay to pick & choose which species of animals deserve to live happily and peacefully on this planet.


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Oh my gosh, this would kill her.

this looks like me a lot of the time

not the words but the gif

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